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8 Questions to Ask to Find GIFTS in EVERY situation

I'm sharing the following because I believe that this situation might shine a light on something in your own life. My recommendation is to read this TWICE. FIRST: just read. SECOND: think of a recent time when something didn't go your way and you had a reaction to that. (Disappointment, sadness, anger, etc.) Read again, thinking of your own situation and then answer the questions below.

Resistance is futile!

So what's the best thing you can do to stay with the flow and find the gifts?

Just a quick back story (why I’m sharing this!)… Our family lives just enough "off the grid" that we don't have the option to have internet or a land line at home. (Funny in this internet age, right?!) I choose to be in the garden and at home with my 2-year-old energy ball (Miss Lilla) during the day, so internet time every day is limited to evenings. That's when I go to the office, and Daddy-O brings Lilla out on the town for all sorts of adventures.


Last night was different. I will spare you the details because I don't want to encourage any experiences you might have had to get mixed up here. It's not my intention to encourage you to take sides. It's my priority to be a LIGHT, not to be RIGHT! :-)

So here's what I'll say: Things didn't exactly go as planned, and my child-care situation was part of that. As it seems to happen, with brilliant 20/20 hindsight, I see huge gifts.

I will be straight up and tell you that I did not yet see any gifts last night. Because it's a personal goal to find gifts everywhere, I at least saw that I was missing them (a good start!). But at the time I saw that I planned to complete certain tasks, and I was upset that they didn't get finished on schedule. Being resistant of what-is didn't help me receive the situation's gifts, and the truth is that if I'd done things differently I even probably could have focused my energy on finishing what I wanted to…

But then I might have missed the gifts and lessons!

So for every single one of the following questions I have an answer… But to see it I find that separating myself from the details and the "situation" is key.


* How can I use this as a gift?
* Is this part of a pattern in my life? Do I want to re-create that pattern for the future? If not, how can I be better prepared to create change?
* What life lessons can I find here? Am I finally ready to learn them?
* What's really important here?
* Who needs my love? (attention, approval, time, etc.)
* How can I be more giving? (to myself or others)
* Am I accepting the situation as it is? What do I want to change, and why?
* What is the below-the-surface reason that I'm really upset? (or angry, sad, disappointed, hurt, etc.)


It's a common human tendency to think we are right. And we are. But so is everyone else. The key to raising us ALL up together in challenging situations, is to see that others don't have to be wrong in order for us to be right.

So you might not agree with someone else's choice. But resisting it, yup, futile. A choice was made. To take the other person's choice and feel disapproval, disappointment, disgust, or to "diss" them in any other way… guess what? It doesn't change a thing! But looking to understand the other person's view and WHY they made a certain choice… what a gift in itself!

By the way, you can do all the "dissing" in the world of another person's choices you wanna do… and you will find yourself feeling more separated from them. But look for understanding, and there is potential for everyone to benefit!


It's my belief that EVERYTHING is ALWAYS for the greater good and therefore also for my best.

This feels true to me because it has positively affected my life to believe we are protected, cared for, connected both soul-to-soul and energetically, and co-creators of the lives we live.

I believe we have a LOT of power! (But I also think we are most powerful when we think of our own desires and using them how they might fit in with the greater good.)


If you are thinking about your own personal situation and find hidden gifts and lessons this time, next time they'll be easier to spot! Like flexing your gift-finding muscles. :-)

We posted this here so that we can benefit from each other's learnings. Please share your own "ah-ha!" Or if you are having challenges seeing gifts but you WANT to see them, c'mon and share with us. We'll see what we can find ~ sometimes it's easier from the outside looking in!

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