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Barefoot Sunbathing = Bliss + Grounding

It might sound kinda boring until you’ve tried it with an open heart and mind. If it’s snowing where you are, perhaps tuck this info away for a sunny-ish day?

The purpose of this kind of sunbathing isn’t to get a tan; it’s to soak up the sun’s rays and feel the grounding and bliss from that lovely earth connection.

(I do this every day when I’m in a warm place. It’s become a ritual because in 5 seconds flat I get into the most blissful state humanly possible. It’s a MUST try. Honestly, talking about something so simple even feels ridiculous. But luckily simple things like this CAN have a huge impact on how we feel! :-)

  1. Consciously set the intention to soak up the sun’s rays and feel the bliss of a lovely earth connection.
  2. Take off your shoes and socks.
  3. Find a sunny spot.
  4. Lay down in the grass with your face to the sun.
  5. Close your eyes, and soak up the love.

GreenChefAcademy_SunBathingwithLillaThat’s it.

THIS is what the experience of true, deep, non-commercial, non-romantic LOVE feels like to me. It doesn’t matter what’s happening in the world, this bliss is “mine” but can be SHARED, it’s UNLIMITED, and it’s just so EASY, FREE, and FREEING.

Plus, there are no conditions. Others can say you’re fat or thin, stupid or smart, nice or mean, and you can STILL soak up this love. It’s always there waiting. Well… when the sun is out.


While I do this daily in Brazil, I realized all too late that it could easily be done often in colder climates like New England’s!

I remember a day in the late fall in Massachusetts when Lilla wanted to cloud-watch. We were running in a field by the ocean with our cold-weather boots and scarves, and she just… stopped. Next thing you knew she was on the ground looking at the sky. I asked her what she was doing. “Looking at the clouds. They so pretty, Mamai.”

[Note: If you haven’t met her yet :-) Lilla is my 3-year old daughter, and over and over again she teaches me the most precious and useful bits in life!]

So on that cold but sunny-ish day, I laid down beside her gazing at the clouds and soaking in the sunshine. I was surprised how warm and nurtured I felt next to the earth. It might have been cold, but I bet it would have been (more than) fine to even take off my socks and shoes.


If you haven’t tried it, I know it might sound like it’s not that big of a deal.

But it is for me.

It’s such a joy that the bliss and earth connection and sunshine together bring me close to happy tears. Every. Single. Time.


Try it and share how it goes? :-)

Or if you do something like this too by lovely not-so-random chance, would you share what your experience is like with us?

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