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About Our Director



Eva Bio PhotoEva Rawposa has been a prominent advocate for the living foods lifestyle since 2007, and has taught classes (virtually and in person) to literally thousands of individuals. From health food cafe owner to running a “raw” B&B+ to teaching chef, Eva’s passion is sharing the joy of vibrant and conscious living with the world.

While Eva doesn’t believe that living foods alone are a cure-all for every situation, her specialty is using the starting point of the foods we feed ourselves. Eva turned her own life around with the power of fresh foods, and healed quickly, easily, and intensely. Now it’s her passion to share what she’s learned (and continues to learn!).

Eva studied Political Science at the University of Florida, with an emphasis on the role of the court system and Latin American politics. In life, however, Eva has found the grassroots “real world” approach to be her preferred method of effecting change in the world.

Eva has been leading chef and teacher programs since 2007, and personally trained with some of the world’s top living foods chefs, including Alissa Cohen, Chad Sarno, and Russell James.