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We’re so glad you’re here! At the GCA, we’re part of WAY different kind of “green revolution”. You are welcome + invited + we hope you’ll join us!!

[Our definition of…]
GREEN is conscious connection to each other, to our source, and to the earth.GREEN is cultivating awareness in everything we do – in and out of the kitchen.GREEN is eliminating pollution in our communication with fellow humans. GREEN is getting back to the basics to enjoy fresh, nature-made foods. GREEN is joy, abundance, gratitude, and openness for all this life has to offer

We know what society says we’re supposed to do. We know the food pyramid has a lot of fruits and veggies on it. We know that it’s “bad” to use the plastic bags from the supermarket and “good” to bring our own bag. We know bicycling uses less gas than driving. C’mon! We know these things.

The BIGGEST everyday challenge we’re facing on this planet is not the reused and recycled catch-phrases about being green! Pollution goes infinitely farther and deeper than using plastic bags and printing on paper. Let’s eliminate a different kind of pollution. Let me NOT be the person losing my temper or discouraging another person from their chosen path. Let me NOT be the “Queen of the Truth” who will not stop at anything other than You Are Wrong, and I Am Right.

Life is flippin’ amazing. It’s beautiful! Let’s end any of our remaining relationship pollution and look at our friends and lives and “strangers” with fresh eyes. Let’s act like we are all in this together! (We are!) Let’s keep our eyes open to see we are all unique, beautiful, and amazing. Oh YES, all of us. Let’s choose better because we want to, because it feels good, because we know we deserve to enjoy the good things in life. Let’s be the ones who uplift. Always starting with ourselves, we can use our actions to create an avalanche of positivity for the people around us too.

Awesome! You are HERE, and it’s no coincidence you are reading this. You came to the right place, and you already know you’re home. We know it too… We’ve already rolled out the welcome mat, picked fresh flowers, and whipped up some cookies for you. Let’s keep the momentum up to see and create a better world, shall we?!

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